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♢Swan Lake (1981)
白鳥の湖 (1981年)

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Cels are in order of appearance.

This section is dedicated to Swan Lake - part of the "Toei Manga Matsuri" series.

Toei Douga (currently known as Toei Animation) released several animated movies to coincide with Japan's Spring, Summer and Winter school breaks between 1964 to 1990. Swan Lake was part of their Spring 1981 release (March 14, 1981).

Swan Lake was a childhood favorite of mine, but I have only managed to find one cel these past 10 years. After doing some research, I figured out why...

What makes this movie so famous (or infamous in this case) is that about 3000 cels were stolen right before the studio had filmed them and the studio had to redraw entire scenes & sequences. This was one of two famous cel theft incidents, which shook the industry at the time.

The reason why Swan Lake cels are so rare is probably because of the strict security in the wake of the theft and very few cels survived the post production purge.

Regardless of all the drama that happened on the production side, it's a wonderfully animated movie featuring the timeless music of Tchaikovsky.



 Princess Odette・オデット姫


 Princess Odette・オデット姫

 Princess Odette・オデット姫

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