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Macoto Takahashi - The Snow Queen 1983
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Added 1/13/2012
Updated 1/13/2012
Macoto Takahashi's "The Snow Queen" from his Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale series.

There are several illustrations from his Andersen fairy tale series so hopefully I can keep expanding this section.

Fukusei Genga. Original Autograph with Takahashi Art Gallery's emboss, dated May 28th, 2003. (It's huge so it won't fit on my scanner)

The girl in the illustration is Gerda, the heroine of "The Snow Queen." In the background, her playmate Kai is being abducted by the Snow Queen.

Macoto Takahashi is known as the father of "shojo-ga" (illustration of girls) and is considered as one of the originators of the kawaii (cute) culture in Japan. He debuted as a manga artist back in 1957, but in more recent times people are probably more familiar with his various illustrations from Gothic Lolita, a magazine dedicated Gothic Lolita fashion.

As you can see, he's well known for is incredibly detailed illustrations.

雪の女王・少女ゲルダ 1983



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